Teen birth control: It’s a whole new world out there

*This post does not replace medical advice. Talk to your doctor when choosing birth control methods.

Are you having this discussion with your daughter yet? It’s probably just a matter of time. Any day now she’ll come home and tell you her friend is on the pill and she wants to go on it too! What will you say? How will you react? Are you prepared for this discussion?

LOCAL|yyc fashion show supports Dress for Success boutique

Calgary R&B/pop artist Ruben Young to make special appearance

For some women in Calgary, including single moms, immigrant and low-income women, the road to successfully landing a job can be a long one. The final stumbling block can be one that all women face at one time or another — what to wear??

Favorite podcasts right now

I feel like I have some new friends in my life and they are…my favorite podcasters! At the risk of sounding like a total nerd and even a bit anti-social, you’ll often find me these days wearing earphones and chuckling to myself.

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