Lessons learned during DIY desk makeover

Part of the fun of moving into a new house is decorating, right? It’s like a fresh canvas and a chance to have a “do-over” on some tired, old decor. But, who has the money to buy all new furniture? Not me! So, I decided a DIY desk makeover was in order.


I miss those poppies

*An update to this post: We are now living back home in Canada, and it is so wonderful to see poppies everywhere leading up to Remembrance Day.

Let me start by saying that as a Canadian living in the U.S., I am always amazed at how fiercely patriotic this country is, not just on Veteran’s Day (as it’s called here), but every day of the year.


Treasure those tender moments

In this fast-paced world, isn’t it wonderful when your children do or say something that causes you to pause and reflect on the innocence and sweetness of their youth?

My youngest daughter was super excited last week for a special activity her 5th-grade class would be doing at the Emily Follensbee School in Calgary.

Party of five