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Flowers for no reason

There’s been a lot going on at our house lately. Some big changes are in the works and things will be great once we get over the hump…you know what I’m saying?

My husband has been working out of town…a lot. We all miss him, especially the kids. They keep asking when he’s going to be home and even though they don’t say it, I know they would much rather be doing their math homework with him. Even the dog seems out of sorts knowing that something is up.


So, when I was at Trader Joe’s the other day I just couldn’t resist treating myself to some flowers. Right now they have a great selection of tulips, hydrangea, hyacinth and daffodils. And the prices are reasonable too –  $4.99 per bundle of tulips and $5.99 for a three-stem hydrangea.



Flowers instantly brighten a room and they brighten up your spirits too. What a treat to come home to fresh flowers. It’s one small way, sometimes that’s all you need, to take the edge off a bad day or put a smile on your face. Spring is just around the corner friends.

I decided to wander over to Whole Foods to check out their floral section and I was a little disappointed – NO tulips…what?!?! But they did make up for it with a great selection of orchids and hyacinth, which smelled heavenly!! I also liked the fact that all of Whole Food’s bulbs were grown in Texas at Klepac Greenhouses. I love the idea of buying local.



Some fresh flowers, like hyacinth and lilies, smell so amazing, way better than any room spray or Scentsy candle, in my opinion.

I ended up buying a dozen daffodils – they’re such a pretty yellow and to me they signify hope for cancer patients, like the one I was telling you about in my last post. I will for sure buy more when the April Daffodil Campaign rolls around.


So, go ahead. Don’t wait for you husband to do it. Go buy yourself some fresh spring flowers, for no reason at all!

Screen shot 2015-12-13 at 11.36.23 PM


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