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Start a Little Free Library in your neighborhood

It has been so much fun familiarizing ourselves with our new neighborhood. Since being back in Calgary, we have noticed several things.  First of all, it stays light here until so late! Honestly, it really doesn’t get dark until 10 pm – it’s awesome. Calgary also has huge off leash dog parks – the city has really done a wonderful job of dedicating wide open spaces for our pooches to run free! And, just the other day, I noticed something so cute, I just had to blog about it.

While walking with the girls, we noticed a Little Free Library located along the sidewalk in front of one of the homes in our neighborhood. It was adorable!! We couldn’t help but open the door and peek inside.



Have you heard about the Little Free Library movement? It’s a concept that has spread like wildfire in Calgary and in communities across North America. Brentwood, in Calgary’s northwest, was home to the the city’s first Little Free Library or #LFL.  The idea is that a homeowner (or group of homeowners) builds a little house with a roof and a door – it must be waterproof! Neighbors can add books that they have already read, while taking a book that looks interesting to read. And so on…and so on.

What a neat concept. It’s a win on so many levels. It’s a great way to re-use old books that you’re done with, but someone else may enjoy. It makes it easy to access new-to-you books if you don’t have a public library nearby. It’s totally free, and it helps to develop a real sense of community. One of the homeowners who was interviewed about her library mentioned how nice it was to get to know her neighbors when they dropped off or picked up books. It is recommended that you also put a notebook and pen inside the box so people can leave their thoughts and comments about the books they’ve donated.

books-1332428_1280 little-library-1351491_1280

Of course, you can make your library box as simple or as decorative as you like. Check out Pinterest for tons of ideas. You can also order pre-made boxes from the group’s website. I read that many moms ask for this as a birthday or Christmas present.

Wouldn’t this be a fun project to do with your kids, especially now that we are back-to-school and reading is once again a priority. Remember to register your Little Free Library with the organization, so they can add you to the map and people can find you.

I plan to gather up some of our old books and drop them off later this week. Who knows what we might come home with?

Check out Little Free Library to get more info or follow them on Instagram @littlefreelibrary.

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