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Two empty seats at my Christmas table

I am very thankful at this time of year for my wonderful family and friends. I feel truly blessed to share this holiday with my sweet mom and sister, my amazing husband, children and so many others. But there are always two special people missing at my Christmas table. I’m re-posting this (my first ever blog post!) in honour of them. When my oldest daughter read it, she cried for the aunt and grandfather she never knew. I’ve decided to share it here because it has shaped who I am today, how I view things and what I want this blog to be about – family, love and living life!


The dog ate my…

Halloween candy. For real, friends. At 5:30 am this morning, the dog committed a classic case of counter surfing…and tore into my daughter’s treat bag. He had himself a feast of lollipops, candy and chocolate. Needless to say, he’s been in the dog house all day. Here’s the remnants.

Not making light of this…I know chocolate is bad for dogs. But how was I supposed to know?? I was fast asleep.

The only good that comes of this is I get to introduce you to Charlie, the 6th member of our Party of Five.

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