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Denim isn’t just for cowgirls anymore

Forget the cowgirl stereotype, denim these days is hot, hot, hot and you don’t belong anywhere near a ranch or a farm if you’re wearing the cute items I’m about to show you.

I know here in Houston everybody starts looking for denim pieces in February, so they will have something “country” to wear to the Houston Rodeo.


DIY floral crown birthday party

My daughter came home the other night from a Sweet 16 party for two of her friends and, from what I can tell, this party was da bomb!

There were food trucks, kayaks, a DJ, lots of dancing, and get this…a craft station where the girls were able to make their own floral crowns. What a cool idea!! Who said 16-year-olds are too old for crafts…especially one that is so trendy these days and filling up Instagram feeds everywhere??


Flowers for no reason

There’s been a lot going on at our house lately. Some big changes are in the works and things will be great once we get over the hump…you know what I’m saying?

My husband has been working out of town…a lot. We all miss him, especially the kids. They keep asking when he’s going to be home and even though they don’t say it, I know they would much rather be doing their math homework with him. Even the dog seems out of sorts knowing that something is up.

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