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The dog ate my…

Halloween candy. For real, friends. At 5:30 am this morning, the dog committed a classic case of counter surfing…and tore into my daughter’s treat bag. He had himself a feast of lollipops, candy and chocolate. Needless to say, he’s been in the dog house all day. Here’s the remnants.

Not making light of this…I know chocolate is bad for dogs. But how was I supposed to know?? I was fast asleep.

The only good that comes of this is I get to introduce you to Charlie, the 6th member of our Party of Five.

Charlie is our gentle giant – a sweet 80-pound chocolate lab who loves retrieving balls, swimming in our pool and greeting new people with a slobbery tongue and a tail as sharp as a whip.

As mentioned earlier, he has a few bad habits though. He is highly food motivated and a little mischievous. He got himself into some serious trouble last summer after eating corn on the cob from our compost pile. It got stuck in his intestine, and thankfully, the vet was able to surgically remove it. Charlie has also been known to eat socks, chocolate Easter bunnies, taco seasoning mix, and the list goes on.


I remember what a good friend of mine (also a vet) said to me when I announced we were getting a puppy.  “Oh, you’re getting a lab? Get pet insurance.” Now, that was some great advice – it has been well worth it. FYI, we use Trupanion and have been very happy with it.

Well, I think I’ve dog shamed Charlie enough. Honestly, I can’t  imagine our home without him. He brings us such joy and laughter, and is always so happy to see us.  He keeps me company all day when I’m at home working. As soon as he sees me get up from the computer and put my running shoes on, he knows it’s “playtime” for him.

I debated for a long time about getting a dog, knowing the responsibility would fall largely on my shoulders. But I’m so glad we did. 🙂


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