If you’re like me, you wish you would have started earlier. You wish you had invested in your skin years ago. Let’s not talk about the number of times you’ve gone to bed with makeup on or used a rough face cloth and a bar of soap as a form of make-up removal! Better late than never, as they say.

Let’s talk about aging skin, shall we? At our age, it’s completely normal to start seeing those fine lines, droopy eyelids and the effects of sun damage.

A few months ago, I went to see my dermatologist for my annual skin review. In the nicest way possible, he told me my skin looked dry and dull. Ouch! He then proceeded to offer me 50% off a facial! I’m not interested in Botox, injections, and fillers – all of that stuff is costly and, in my opinion, doesn’t send a great message to my daughters. I am middle aged, I’ve embraced that and all that comes with it, but I do want to age gracefully.

So, when a good friend of mine recently introduced me to the Rodan + Fields line of skincare, I decided it was time to “invest.”

R+F was recently named the #1 skin care line in North America. I was impressed with what I read about Rodan + Fields and its founders Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, both doctors from Stanford and the same women behind the Proactiv acne line.

“It’s never too late to take care of your skin,” says my friend Tracy Larsson, a consultant with R+F. “Starting with Rodan + Fields now will keep your skin hydrated, nourished and protected so it can age more gracefully.”

Admittedly, I’ve never been a big skincare regimen type of person. I’ll start using something for a few months and then quit because I’m not seeing results or it’s just too much work.

Tracy recommended I use the Reverse line for its anti-aging benefits and daily SPF 55 sunscreen. I have a history of skin cancer, so that was a huge bonus for me.

One of the creams in the 4-step regimen contains Retinol, which truly is an anti-aging powerhouse. Over time, your skin cells stop regenerating and build up…that’s why your complexion becomes dull and blah. Retinol helps increase the production of new skin cells and works to make your skin thinner, flatter and more radiant. Bring it on!

“We call (Reverse) boot camp for your face. It’s perfect for people our age because it reduces the appearance of sun damage and brown spots, and completely brightens your complexion,” she says.

I  don’t expect these products to work miracles, but I am hoping to put a bit of sparkle back into my skin and slow down the aging process, if even a little.

Speaking of sparkle, I had this headshot done at a recent R+F event. Thanks to Tracy for inviting me and to Janet at Visual Hues Photography in Calgary for such a fun shoot!


younger skin Rodan and Fields

I do wish I had been a bit gentler on my skin, especially back in the TV days, when I was wearing tons of makeup on a daily basis. I regret not taking better care of my skin over the years. And you can bet that’s a lesson I’ll be sharing with my girls.

Here are some simple, yet important, tips that we all should be doing for our skin:

  • remove your eye makeup before bed!
  • cleanse morning and night
  • use lukewarm water instead of hot
  • be gentle on your face; cleanse in circular motions and pat dry
  • use a sunscreen every day
  • drink lots of water

I’ve started using the products and so far, so good. I haven’t experienced any kind of stinging or irritation. I’m excited to see the results and share them with you in a few weeks.

I’m also sharing Tracy’s website info if you are interested in learning more about Rodan + Fields. I am happy for Tracy and her new business and I love supporting other women who are juggling busy families and careers.

Remember to love the skin you’re in…it’s the only one you’ve got!

What’s your #1 tip for keeping your skin healthy and glowing?

This post was not sponsored by Rodan + Fields. All opinions expressed are my own.




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  • Shauna says:

    Hi Michelle …the article is so true and it’s so important to take care of our skin, especially starting at a young age. I have always had sensitive skin and I too sell a line of skin care / makeup products that are paba and paraben free , no chemicals & safe for skin types of all ages . Awesome article ! Keep them coming .

  • Michelle says:

    Thanks Shauna! Yes, it’s important to find something that works for you and stick with it. You won’t see results if you don’t use it long term. We can’t turn back time, but we can be nice to our skin!

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