’25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit’

It’s summer vacation season, and with Canada’s 150th birthday this year and a weak Canadian dollar, many of us are choosing to stay home and discover a little more of our home and native land. But, before you go, you need to check out the new book 25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit. The book, by Calgary travel writer Jody Robbins, takes you coast to coast with detailed descriptions of THE BEST places for affordable family adventures in Canada.


It’s never too late to put the sparkle back in your skin

If you’re like me, you wish you would have started earlier. You wish you had invested in your skin years ago. Let’s not talk about the number of times you’ve gone to bed with makeup on or used a rough face cloth and a bar of soap as a form of make-up removal! Better late than never, as they say.

Party of five