I don’t know where my teens get their sense of adventure. Actually, I do know where…and clearly, it’s not from me!

From the time they were little, my husband has always encouraged them to overcome their fears and try new things – whether it was a roller coaster, cliff jumping, ziplining or parasailing.

Parasailing in Turks and Caicos

It’s always a bonus when we don’t have to travel far to appease their thrill-seeking. And, I always say, it’s better to feed that desire in a safe and controlled setting, so they don’t go looking for it elsewhere i.e. drugs and alcohol.

Winsport, right here in Calgary, is gearing up for an exciting summer with the return of some popular attractions and the debut of a new one as well.

Free Fall

Photo courtesy of Winsport

This is scheduled to open in early August and I can’t wait to learn more about it. But, here’s what I know so far…thrill seekers are put in a harness (similar to bungee jumping) and launch themselves off a new eight-storey platform. According to Winsport, this is the closest thing you can get to skydiving. You will free fall for 8 metres and slowly descend to the ground.

You will pay $19.04 for a single drop and $28.56 for two drops.

The Plunge water slide

Photo courtesy: CBC Television

Winsport officially opens The Plunge this weekend – this was a popular attraction last summer too. It’s an 810-foot waterslide featuring three lanes. Riders must be at least 5 years old and 46″ tall to ride. It’s open weekends in July and August.

This year, Winsport has introduced a new ticket system allowing participants to slide as much as they want for two hours. This means…no more long line-ups!

Mountain Bike Trails

If wet and wild isn’t your thing, grab your bike and head over to Winsport’s mountain bike trails. The 20 kilometers of trails were refreshed for this summer and new trails have been added specifically for beginner and intermediate riders.

Photo courtesy: Winsport

“Our purpose is to inspire human potential through the spirit of sport and our many summer activities allow families of all ages and abilities to do just that,” says John Francis, WinSport’s Director of Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship.

Monster Zipline

Photo courtesy: Winsport

Traveling at 120 km/hr, this is billed as North America’s fastest zipline. It starts at the ski jump tower and is 500 metres long with a vertical drop of more than 100 metres. Riders must be between 70 – 250 pounds. There are two other ziplines available – one is a beginner line (must be 6 years of age) and the Plaza Line hits speeds up to 80 km/hr and riders must be 50 – 250 lbs.


Summer is a great time to try the public bobsleigh. A professional pilot takes riders through 10 turns, hitting speeds of 80+ km/h at up to 2Gs of force down the Olympic track. This is open and runs through until Labour Day.

Hats off to Winsport for making its facility a truly year-round source of entertainment and adventure for Calgary families!





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