Ok, guys I just discovered the coolest tracking app that our family is planning to use on our upcoming spring break hiking vacation.

If we’re going to walk, we might as well be doing good at the same time, right?

There are so many great fitness apps out there these days, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, I reached out to Ashley Wiles of Sole Girls to find out some of her favorites.

Ashley will often use these apps to help motivate the tween girls in her popular learn to run and mentorship program. If you haven’t heard about Sole Girls, click here!

Kids love friendly competition and many tracking apps allow you to challenge friends or family members.

One that she really likes is Charity Miles, a U.S-based app that donates money to your preferred charity based on the distance you walk or run.

“For your kids, it can be way more fun if walking the dog isn’t just about allowance, but about raising money for the SPCA, or some other charity,” she says.

Wiles believes technology can entice some kids into getting active. Remember the Pokemon Go craze last summer?

Fitness apps can encourage friendly competition

Here’s her short list of great fitness apps for kids:

  • Charity Miles – I just started using this app and it’s so motivating! I couldn’t end my walk with the dog until I surpassed one mile and then…I kept going! When I was done, I got a message that said my 1.6 miles helped to raise $252,509 for the charity Stand Up to Cancer! Every time you walk/run, it keeps adding up. I just wish there were more Canadian charities registered with this app. Great for all ages.
  • 60 Minute Kids’ Club – Canadian web-based program designed for schools. Ask the teacher or principal to sign up your child’s class or school. This Canadian app tracks the full health cycle including, meals, hydration, sleep and even screen time and rewards kids with the healthiest behaviors and best stats. Great for elementary age kids.
  • Strava – like Facebook for athletes. You can post pictures, comment and like people’s activities. Really fun if your friends are on it too. Chances to win free merchandise from Lululemon, etc. Better for the older teen.
  • Zombies, Run! – ok, this one does have an element of violence, but it’s popular for the 16 and up crowd. Basically, you’re a runner trying to survive the Zombie Epidemic. It’s wild! Reviewers say this app makes running fun again.
  • Map My Run – this popular app allows you to map and record your exercise routes. For kids, you can make it fun by turning your route into a design – you can walk/run in the shape of a heart, star or other patterns. Also the chance to win prizes and giveaways! Great for all ages.
  • Sworkit Kids – offers a variety of guided workouts or you can design your own. Includes a pre-game workout, low impact and standing only workouts and timers. You can share your data on social media if you wish. Perfect for school age kids.

There is a lot of criticism that technology is making us even more sedentary these days, as teens spend hours surfing the net and social media. I’m not gonna lie, it happens. But, as Ashley says, let’s be role models for our kids and use this technology to our advantage. Let’s challenge our kids, see who can walk or run the farthest or raise the most money for charity…or see who escapes the Zombies first? Hey, it’s good for both of us!!

If you have a passion for empowering tween girls through physical fitness, and would like to help bring Sole Girls to your community, check out Ashley’s upcoming LeadHERship training workshop in Calgary March 25/26th.

This post was sponsored by Sole Girls. As always, opinions are 100% my own. 



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