My daughter came home the other night from a Sweet 16 party for two of her friends and, from what I can tell, this party was da bomb!

There were food trucks, kayaks, a DJ, lots of dancing, and get this…a craft station where the girls were able to make their own floral crowns. What a cool idea!! Who said 16-year-olds are too old for crafts…especially one that is so trendy these days and filling up Instagram feeds everywhere??

She did a beautiful job on the crown, and once her little sister saw it, she immediately put it on and LOVED it! Something about little girls and crowns, right? So pretty and whimsical!

Make your own floral crown, or as a craft for a birthday party

I would suggest this for girls ages 12 and up, because even my 15-year-old found it frustrating at times. Younger girls would definitely need some adult help as the wire can be a bit stubborn to deal with. What a great idea for a spring birthday and so different than what we’re used to seeing at parties. It’s worth noting, though, that time is of the essence for these floral crowns. They start to wilt and lose their perkiness in less than 24 hours. The crown in our pictures is already starting to droop a little.

IMG_8809 IMG_8836 Floral crowns are so pretty and whimsical

Here’s what you need:

  • fresh flowers, from your garden or, as I mentioned in a recent post, Trader Joe’s has a great selection. Flowers with long stems (1-inch or longer) are preferred.
  • greenery
  • floral tape, available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels
  • floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • a little patience, this could take up to an hour

I am not the craftiest person around, so I’m not going to try and explain how to make one of these, but I will provide some useful links that you can check out for step-by-step directions.

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Also, these crowns are all over Pinterest, so have fun checking out all the images and deciding how you want yours to look!

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