Are your girls obsessed with Ivivva clothing? My daughter lives in this stuff. Almost every day she wears something from Ivivva – whether it’s comfy leggings and a long sleeve tee to school or booty shorts (yes, that’s a thing) and a sports bra to dance.

That’s why we both love Ivivva clothes – they’re incredibly versatile and such great quality. And, the patterns and colors are so stinkin’ cute. Yup, this mini version of Lululemon has been a staple at our house for many years.

Receive Girl Crew benefits and discounts on Ivivva clothing

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my daughter came home from dance class recently and announced that her studio was going to be part of the new Ivivva Girl Crew Program!

This Canadian company, which now has 80 stores in North America, wants to connect with active girls who are involved with teams, clubs and organizations in their community. So, your daughter’s soccer team, gymnastics club or martial arts school can apply to the program for free and the girls receive a discount card and some special opportunities in return.

The card provides individuals with 15% off in-store purchases – a deal that makes this mom very happy. The group receives 25% off team purchases, such as leotards or warm up jackets. The Perfect Your Practice jacket is a popular choice.

“It’s not just about the discount,” says Laura McIntyre, from Ivivva’s head office in Vancouver. “It’s really an opportunity to get into a relationship with new teams and show them who we are for girls and what we are bringing them in the community.”

As part of the program, girls are invited to take advantage of free in-store yoga classes and a facilitated Dreams and Goals session.

“We encourage girls to dream and set big goals for themselves, and at the same time, to know that falling and getting get back up again is all a perfectly normal part of the journey,” says McIntyre.

Girl crew dancers perform at Raptors game

Occasionally, members of the Girl Crew program receive unique performance opportunities. These Girl Crew dancers (from two different dance studios) joined together to perform recently at a Toronto Raptors Game – how cool is that?

Feedback from moms and girls influences new designs

The Crew Girls and their moms can take part in design rallies, where they give feedback on how the clothes are working for them. Their insight often influences designs from season to season.

For example, at the request of moms and gymnasts, Ivivva changed the material of its leotards to a more silky fabric that wears better in the foam pits at gymnastics clubs.

It also added rubber grips to the legs of its Set The Pace tennis skirt since girls were also wearing it for dance, hiking and bike riding.  The rubber grips stop the skirt from riding up.

These days, my 11-year-old is the only one still wearing Ivivva (sniff, sniff).  She already has a lot of hand-me-downs from her older sisters, but still enjoys shopping the new styles, colors, and patterns each season. Recently she used birthday and Christmas money to make a purchase at Ivivva and saved almost $20 thanks to her Crew Girl Card – thank you Ivivva! By the way, the store also offers complimentary hemming and has a great return policy, though we rarely take anything back.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Ivivva Girl Crew, have your team manager contact your local Ivivva store for more information. FYI… the Girl Crew card is only valid for one year from the date of issue.









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