Family photos stress me out!! If you watch the show Modern Family, you might remember the episode where Claire spends the whole day worrying about everybody wearing white. She’s so worried they’re going to get their white outfits dirty before the photos even start.

As usual, family chaos erupts at the photo shoot and before you know it, they end up having a big ol’ mud fight! At first, Claire is appalled…but eventually she joins in the fun. The photos were hilarious and if it was real life, I’m sure this family photo would be treasured forever!


And so, I’m Claire. My husband tells me I have some Claire-like qualities. And he’s right. I always worry about selecting coordinating outfits, making sure the girls’ hair is neat and tidy (preferably freshly cut!), finding the perfect location and then, here’s the wildcard…what about the weather??

But you know what? Not this time. This year, we are in the process of moving, so quite honestly, I didn’t have time to think or stress about all those things.

I knew I wanted an outdoor setting and I wanted it to be very relaxed. I told the older kids that I didn’t mind if they wore jeans, as long as they had a pretty top to go with them. We went to Altar’d State (my girls love this store!) and selected some dressy tank tops and shirts, and my youngest already had a cute dress from Zara Kids. This time, I didn’t even dictate hairstyles.

When we showed up, we could tell the weather was going to be “iffy” for our sunset photo shoot. We all felt a few sprinkles, but we persevered; partly because this was the ONLY day that worked for my husband’s busy schedule and I believe in the power of positive thinking. Those menacing dark clouds were NOT going to rain on my parade!

As the rain got a bit heavier, we decided we better take cover. Just as I reached for my “emergency” bag (containing an umbrella, hairbrush, hairspray, lipstick) to freshen up, I realized I’d forgot it back at the house. Oops, just another little bump in the road. This was not going to get me down. I decided the “carefree” and slightly damp hair would just have to work.

The setting was beautiful and green, and even though we had to dodge a few red ant mounds (I’m VERY allergic!), we quickly got to work. We all knew that time was of the essence before the skies were going to open up. This was the weekend Houston received all that rain and terrible  flooding.

But the weather Gods smiled on us that evening…the rain held off and Robert, from Bella Vista Photography, worked a little magic and was able to get some great shots of our Party of Five!

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We had a lot of fun just being casual and going with the flow. Here’s the thing…you can stress about family photos. In fact, you can stress so much about them that you end up putting them off…for too long. Don’t wait. Grab your peeps and get those family photos done…you won’t regret it. I know it seems like it isn’t a good time, or you’re too busy, but honestly, there’s never going to be a better time.

I’m so glad we decided to take these photos before we leave Texas. When I look back at these “woodsy” pictures, they will always remind me of the four wonderful years we spent in The Woodlands. I will also remember the nasty red ants and crazy Texas weather. But most of all, we’ll remember our friends and all the fun our Party of Five had while living in Texas, y’all!

Screen shot 2015-12-13 at 11.36.23 PM



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  • Michelle says:

    In spite of the worries, your photos came out gorgeous! I found you on Instagram and have been reading some of your posts. We have something in common – three daughers! Looking forward to getting to know you a bit more.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you Michelle. Yes, I agree…we have a lot in common. Can’t wait til I’m a Grammie some day…but not for a little while yet, I hope.

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