It’s been over a week and my plants haven’t died yet, so I guess I’m ok to go ahead and write this post!

The other day I had a few extra minutes while I was running errands, so I stopped into a local flower store to have a look around.

The store had beautiful arrangements and fall

decor, but what really caught my eye was a wide assortment of succulents being sold individually and in groupings.

They were, honestly, so cute just sitting there in a little pile of rocks…yes, rocks. The sales clerk insisted they are easy to grow since you don’t have to worry about the soil being either too dry or too wet. In fact, they will grow quite happily nestled into a collection of pebbles or small rocks.

Now, that’s my kind of plant!  So, I bought three individual plants and brought them home. They sat on my kitchen counter for a day until I found time to collect some rocks from the river near our house.

I soaked the plants for half an hour and then arranged them amongst the rocks in a suitable white dish.

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So, here they are! It’s a very simple arrangement and I have them sitting on my office desk.

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The small succulents were about $5 each…and the big one was $10. Maybe you are lucky enough to have these in your outdoor garden and can bring some in for the winter.  The rocks were free and I already had the dish – bonus!

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So, here are some things to remember if you are making your own succulent arrangement:

  • look for healthy, colorful interesting plants of different shapes and sizes
  • soak for 30 minutes once a week in your sink or a large bowl
  • trim any little roots or shoots that start to grow from the bottom of the plant
  • gather (or buy) rocks or pebbles; wash and dry the rocks
  • arrange in a low glass container
  • keep in a bright room, but out of direct sunlight. East facing windows are ideal.

Right now, this is the only plant I have in my home and I love that it is low maintenance. I’ve heard succulents are resilient, yet fussy, so I’m hoping these will last.  I’m looking forward to having something green to look at, as I prepare for my first “white” winter in four years. #LoveCanada 



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