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Do you ever feel like the clothing you see at fashion shows is “over the top” and ridiculous? Well, I attended one recently, hosted by PARKFAMILY and [pre]shrunk at Southcentre Mall, and really liked a lot of what I saw on the runway. And, can I just say, the kids in the show were adorable!

The outfits were not only beautiful but also practical and affordable. Here are some of my takeaway trends for those of us in the over 40 crowd:

#1. Let me guess…if I said tight, black and shiny, you’d say, “No way!” But, listen up girls…one of this winter’s big trends is tight, black shiny leggings!  The shine makes them more dressy, perfect for holiday wear or evenings out. For those of us who are little self-conscious of our midsection or maybe have a little too much bootie going on, you could pair these leggings with a long flowy top. Clearly, this model is rockin’ this look!


#2. Wide leg pants – I started seeing these flowy culottes last spring, and they’re back for fall-winter.  I often see them (and I have a pair) in  black and they look great paired with booties. They can be really dressy or casual. Choose a feminine top, I’d go a little more snug, to balance out the wide bottom.  Try them!!

#3. Embroidered jeans – These really are SO pretty! Treat yourself to a great fitting pair of these jeans adorned with floral embroidery and patterns. Feminine, dressy and perfect with a bomber jacket or blazer…these will get you through the winter in style. No, you don’t have to spend $1,000!! This was just for inspiration!

#4. Booties – Oh yeah, the booties you bought last winter are back again. Booties were everywhere on the runway…some of them with very shiny heels! I couldn’t help but notice one of the models was wearing a pair of brown Blundstone boots for a very casual and rugged look.

#5. Olive green – it’s still popular this winter. This color is a classic and you’ll find vests, dresses, sweaters and this great wrap from Lululemon, pictured below. Olive green is a beautiful neutral that goes with winter’s other favorite colors – black, brown, grey and taupe.

#6. Rolled jeans – Roll ‘em up ladies…it instantly makes your leg look longer and gives a more youthful appearance.

#7.  Faux Fur – Have fun with this…I know I sure did! I fell in love with this super soft faux fur coat by Calgary designer Kate Hewko . Splurge on a fun jacket that you can wear in the fall and on special occasions during winter. Because it’s faux fur, these jackets can be really affordable. Cheetah print never goes out of style.

#8.  Long vest – these have a slimming appearance. I saw some in black and grey. They’re very classy and seem to give almost any outfit a very clean and polished look.

#9.  Ruffles — You can put ruffles on just about anything these days, even a sweatshirt! I saw several pretty outfits at the show with ruffles, including this sweet and simple black dress.


#10 Poncho – What can I say, ponchos seem to have a certain panache, don’t they? I fell in love with the Lululemon Wool Be Cozy Poncho  (in olive green!) that one of the models wore. Ponchos are warm, carefree and super easy to throw on and off when you’re running errands. These won’t get you through -20 weather, but they are a great bridge between seasons.

A huge thank you to Southcentre Mall, PARKFAMILY and [pre]shrunk for a great day at the fashion show and in the media lounge. I can’t leave without showing you this awesome candy bar from The Sugar Cube, opening soon in Southcentre.



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