Well, we survived another cold snap! Thank goodness more bearable temperatures are on the way for the weekend. One lucky family recently won my giveaway of a family pass to the Acura Tube Park for #NoPhoneFamilyDay. I hope Elizabeth M and her family have a great day at the park and leave their phones behind…well, maybe one picture is ok 😉

We recently had some of our best friends from Texas come and visit. We wanted to show them a good time and give them a memorable first trip to Canada. So, we headed to Canada Olympic Park to try out the new Acura Tube Park.


Tube Park COP

Multiple lanes open for tubing at COP

This hill is not huge, but it is big enough to give people of all ages a thrilling ride. It is the largest in Western Canada, so that means it has more lanes than the tube park at Norquay and at Lake Louise.  It’s a fast ride – it actually surprised me just how fast you go, but there are slower lanes too. It is nice and smooth, but watch for the big bump just before the end. It gave me a sore butt, but the kids loved it!

Here’s the video of our friends flying down the tube track!

For an extra thrill, ride down backward or ask the attendant to give you a spin.

The great thing about tubing is that you don’t need any skill whatsoever and you don’t need equipment. So, if you aren’t a skier or a snowboarder, this is still a great way to enjoy some winter fun.

You can buy a 2-hour reloadable adult ticket for $21.99 and youth/senior tickets cost $14.99. If you have a family membership at WinSport, you can ride for free on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The hot chocolate was a welcome treat

The day we visited there was a COP employee serving complimentary hot chocolate. It was really funny because she was carrying around large containers of it in a specialized backpack – portable and just so handy! We certainly enjoyed this sweet treat as we warmed up by the large fire pit at the bottom of the hill.

This definitely makes for a fun winter activity with your kids, especially if you choose to ski at COP as well. Remember to dress for the weather – lots of layers and face protection will make this more enjoyable in -20 degree temps.

Warming up by the fire

Have you been to Calgary’s new tube park …what did you think? Let me know…are you a summer or a winter person?




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