Streamline your spring wardrobe and create affordable outfits that look amazing on you

After a recent meeting with Calgary stylist Rada Chalfin of Style U Best, my head was spinning with so many good fashion tips and tidbits that I’m excited to share with you. With her expert eye and shopping savvy, she helped me put together three totally different looks for the spring season.

But first, let’s meet Rada and learn why she has such a passion for fashion.

The first thing you notice is her keen sense of style (I love those glasses!) and her thick Russian accent. Growing up in Latvia, when it was still part of the Soviet Union, she was exposed to fashion by her aunt who worked at the local fashion house. At a young age, she became enthralled with beautiful fabrics, colors and different textures of clothing. She even spent her teen years tailoring her own clothing to fit her small frame.

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She dreamed of one day designing her own clothing line, but practicality won out. She listened to her parents and followed a career in software development. She’s been successful in that line of work, but like many entrepreneurs, she couldn’t deny her passion.

“My love of fashion never went away…it always sits here,” she says, touching her heart. “So, I decided if not now, then I will never reach my dream.”

Style coaching can boost your confidence

Rada’s dream is to help women – just like you and me – look and feel amazing. She is the founder of Style U Best, a Calgary-based style coaching service available in person or on-line. Through her services and seminars, she teaches women what looks good on their body type, how to shop efficiently and build a wardrobe they’ll love and actually wear. 

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“People decide a lot about you before you even open your mouth,” says Chalfin, pointing out that it takes 30 seconds to make a first impression. “I think when you look good, it gives you wings.”

Whether it’s at the office or running errands with the kids, Rada has a knack for helping middle aged women look stylish and modern, while always being age appropriate.

Here’s a short video where Rada explains three fashion tips to consider the next time you go shopping. Her dog even made a guest appearance!

Is your closet in need of a ‘wardrobe rescue?’

Style U Best offers a variety of services:

  •  a one-time style coaching session
  • shopping assistance service
  • wardrobe rescue
  • comprehensive VIP Style Revitalizer (includes all of the above)

She is offering 15% off her services to Party of Five readers who mention this blog post!

She says the “wardrobe rescue” is a great place to start – it offers the most bang for your buck because you don’t need additional money for shopping.

“You might have a lot of good stuff in your closet already, but the way you wear it might be outdated, so we create a lot of new combinations with your existing pieces that are on trend and modern,” says Chalfin.

During the consult, Rada makes note of what’s missing from your wardrobe and leaves you with a prioritized shopping list.

“If I see that something is really missing from your wardrobe or you need a particular pair of shoes for this outfit, I assign everything a priority. And then, when you have the budget, you will know the most important things to buy.”

One of the things I love about Rada is that she knows how to find great deals. She doesn’t believe stylish clothes need to be expensive – here in Calgary she regularly shops at Winners, Off Saks 5th Avenue (at Cross Iron Mills), Zara and 40% off days at Banana Republic. When in the U.S., she loves Nordstrom Rack, which is set to open in Calgary in the spring of 2018 – I can’t wait!

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Three totally different looks for spring

We recently went shopping together at Chinook Centre – and Rada helped me picked out the frayed tweed top seen above and suggested pairing it with cropped or cigarette pants. Pants that expose the ankle tend to be flattering and help lengthen the, fashion, Calgary

She also selected this flowy white blouse from Zara – I love the frills on the arm. She encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone and try these wide-leg pants. It was interesting to see how you can dress them up with boots or go casual by pairing them with Converse sneakers. I had to borrow my daughter’s sneakers, but I may be getting my own!

 casual style, fashion, Calgary, Converse“I want to work with real women…at home, with their kids, who go to work every day, they eat more than salad and they don’t look perfect and I don’t want them to be perfect. I really try to keep their personality, while encouraging them to try new things,” she says.

Rada offers a free introductory interview so you can get to know each other and discuss your style goals. This can help you decide if style coaching is something that is right for you. 

“Not everybody needs a stylist, but there are women who realize their wardrobe just isn’t working for them or meeting their needs – maybe it’s a job search, maybe career promotion, maternity and weight changes. I can’t help anybody who isn’t ready for me.”

In addition to the 15% discount off her services for Party of Five readers, you can also join her referral program to receive 10% (credit or cash) of the cost of any ordered service.  And if you subscribe to her newsletter, you will receive a free copy of her e-book called 10 Key Pieces To Have In Your Wardrobe. It’s a great book, and I’m happy to say I now own more than half of what’s on her list!

This post is sponsored by Style U Best. Opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that help to support Party of Five.


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