Hi, friends! Just a short post today to ask you all for a favor. I’m asking you to take one minute out of your day to sign this  electronic petition  which calls on Ottawa to invest $10 million dollars into ovarian cancer funding.

When it comes to research dollars for women’s cancers, breast cancer leads the way, while ovarian cancer lags far behind.

A 2013 report from The Canadian Cancer Research Alliance shows the disparity in cancer funding:

  • $13.8 million was invested in ovarian cancer research
  •  $74 million went to breast cancer research
  • $36.5 million to prostate cancer research.

While a mammogram detects breast cancer, and the pap test detects cervical cancer, we don’t yet have a reliable test to screen for ovarian cancer. New research funding is needed to develop a test, which in turn will save lives, and improve the survival rate for ovarian cancer patients. Due to the lack of funding, survival statistics have not improved over the last 50 years!

Earlier this month, our family and friends took part in the Ovarian Cancer Walk of Hope and I want to thank all of those who donated. We had a super day, though a bit chilly, walking in support of my mom. Our team raised $620!!


September is ovarian cancer awareness month and so far 3,300 people have signed this petition which is being presented to the federal Minister of Health. Not bad, but we can do better. We have until December to get more signatures, so I’m asking you to please show your support. It’s quick and easy….simply click here.

Here’s my mom, my sister and I at her 75th birthday party this summer.

13963058_10154456305174337_574852403249696279_o WE thank YOU!!



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